Thursday, December 4, 2008

45nm Processors Added to AMD Business Platform Family

According to AMD’s plan, it will unveil Phenom X4 9850B and Phenom X3 8850B with AM2+ socket in the first half of 2009, and then follow with brand-new “BXX” Series processors in Q3. Phenom II X4 B90, Phenom II X3 B70 and Athlon X2 B20 are equal to the consumer processors - Phenom II X4 900, Phenom II X3 700 and Athlon X2 200. Based on 45nm 50I technology, they all feature AM3 socket and support DDR2 or DDR3 memory.

Phenom II X4 B90 Series feature 4 cores, and their L2/L3 cache capacity is 8MB. They’re scheduled to come out with 2 verisons of 2.8GHz B93 and 2.6GHz B91, with 95W TDP. X3 B70 feature 3 cores with 7.5MB L2/L3 cache, coming out with versions of 2.9GHz B22 and 2.7GHz B71 of 65W TDP.

The existing processors for business platforms include Phenom X4 9000, Phenom X3 8000 and Athlon X2 5000. They are added a postfix of “B”, which is the only difference from consumer platforms. For instance, the corresonding model of Phenom X4 9600 is named as Phenom X4 9600B.


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