Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AMDs Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition

Donanimhaber.com managed to get their hands on AMDs Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition CPU which is also known as the fastest dual-core Kuma 65nm processor. The Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition works at 2.7GHz and has 1MB of L2 cache, 2MB of L3 cache and an unlocked multiplier.

According to the results over at Donanimhaber, the clock on the fastest Kuma is enough to beat Intels Core 2 Duo E6420. The E6420 works at 2.13GHz and has 4MB of L2 cache. Despite the slower clock speed, the E6420 is more expensive than the Athlon X2 6500, so far the only listed Kuma based AMD processor in Europe, which retails at around €100 and works at 2.3GHz. Intels E6420 is currently listed at around €150.

The good news is that these guys managed to easily overclock the Athlon X2 7750 from 2.7GHz to 3.4GHz. At 3.1GHz, this Kuma easily outperforms Intels E8200 and in some cases even the E8400 which is clocked at 3.0GHz.

3GHz Phenom II to launch at $275

Phenom II may be at the heels of Intels Core i7 on the price ladder, according to EE Times. The site has posted prices for a couple of the upcoming Phenom II processors, and it claims AMDs upcoming 3GHz CPU will launch at $275—just $9 below the volume price of Intels 2.66GHz Core i7-920.

EE Times goes on to say the slower, 2.8GHz Phenom II will cost $235, which would put it in roughly the same ballpark as Intels new 2.5GHz Core 2 Quad Q8300. Of course, even the 3GHz Phenom II might not compete directly with any Core i7 for a while. That's because the AMD chip will work with DDR2 memory and much cheaper motherboards than Intels new brainchild. More realistically, a $275 Phenom II would end up facing the Core 2 Quad Q9400.

Both 2.8GHz and 3GHz Phenom II variants should launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. Puzzlingly, EE Times also mentions 65nm Phenom II flavors, even though AMDs own presentation slides tie the Phenom II name to the new 45nm design.

Intel dual-core Celeron mobile CPUs

Intel won't make a big deal about it, the first dual-core Celeron mobile processors have now been released. Made on 65nm process technology, the T1700 and T1600 are clocked at 1.83GHz and 1.66GHz respectively, have 1MB of L2 cache, a FSB of 667 MHz and a TDP of 35W. Not set on breaking any speed records, the fresh Celeron T1700 and T1600 are priced at $86 and $80 respectively (in 1000-unit tray quantities).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Three Pentium dual-cores to get new prices

Intel plans to adjust a new prices after it lunches its Pentium dual core E5400 CPU. This CPU clocked at 2.7GHz with FSB 800 and 2MB cache will launch on January 18th and it will cost $84 at launch.

This announcement will also meant that Pentium dual-core E5300 CPU clocked at 2.6GHz with FSB 800 and 2MB cache launched on the 30th of November will drop from $86 to $74.

Last one affected with this small price adjustment will be the Pentium dual-core E5200 CPU clocked at 2.5GHz with FSB 800 and 2MB cache that will drop from current $84 to $64.

At the same time Core 2 Duo E7500 will debut with 2.93GHz, FSB 1066 and 3MB of cache for $133 and this will directly affect the E7400 2.8GHz CPU with the same spec as it will drop from current $133 to $113.

This definitely mean that you should look forward to January 18th, at least if you want to buy some of these CPUs of 45nm quad-cores.
via hardspell.com

AMD 45nm Business Class CPUs

Introduced in April, AMD's Business Class line-up of processors are expected to soon get a few updates but those looking for 'B- tagged 45nm parts will have to wait quite a while. As it seems, AMD is currently planning the introduction of two new 65nm Phenom Business Class models - 9850B and 8850B, in Q1 and is readying 45nm 'B' CPUs for Q3 2009.

The 45nm Business line-up is expected to include the quad-core Phenom II X4 B90, triple-core Phenom II X3 B70 and dual-core Athlon X2 B20 series processors. All these parts will come in an AM3 package and feature integrated DDR3-1333 memory controllers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

45nm Processors Added to AMD Business Platform Family

According to AMD’s plan, it will unveil Phenom X4 9850B and Phenom X3 8850B with AM2+ socket in the first half of 2009, and then follow with brand-new “BXX” Series processors in Q3. Phenom II X4 B90, Phenom II X3 B70 and Athlon X2 B20 are equal to the consumer processors - Phenom II X4 900, Phenom II X3 700 and Athlon X2 200. Based on 45nm 50I technology, they all feature AM3 socket and support DDR2 or DDR3 memory.

Phenom II X4 B90 Series feature 4 cores, and their L2/L3 cache capacity is 8MB. They’re scheduled to come out with 2 verisons of 2.8GHz B93 and 2.6GHz B91, with 95W TDP. X3 B70 feature 3 cores with 7.5MB L2/L3 cache, coming out with versions of 2.9GHz B22 and 2.7GHz B71 of 65W TDP.

The existing processors for business platforms include Phenom X4 9000, Phenom X3 8000 and Athlon X2 5000. They are added a postfix of “B”, which is the only difference from consumer platforms. For instance, the corresonding model of Phenom X4 9600 is named as Phenom X4 9600B.

via expreview.com

Phenom II CPUs to be hitting stores in February

Already having announced their presence at the CES 2009, the 45nm-built Phenom II processors apparently aren't in a hurry to hit shelves. According to a fresh report, the Phenom II X4 920 (2.8 GHz) and 940 (3.0 GHz) will only be showcased, demoed, praised at CES in January with their retail availability being slated for February 4th. A few online stores have already listed the two Phenom II CPUs but obviously, they were up on pre-order.